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    MT1100-M2 Professional

    Developed and optimised for ergonomic, effective and time-saving assembly, and for wiring and testing assembly plates or entire casings.
    • Can be progressively adjusted from vertical to horizontal with battery operated electric motor.
    • The inclined mounting surface also allows assembly plates to be processed in seated position.  
    • Fixed working height 0.8 - 1.10m
    • inclination can be adjusted to 0-80°
    • Max. load 300kg
    • Footprint approx. 1400X1200mm
    3950,- Euro
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    Extension set

    Even very big assembly plates can be wired up comfortably in a seated position with the extension set MTV-2T. The assembly plate is clamped horizontally for this.  
    195,- Euro
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    Control cabinet set

    For secure fastening of entire AE and CM casings onto the assembly table. Safe and ergonomic wiring of an entire control box whilst seated.
    97,- Euro
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    Wire guide

    Single conductors can be led directly from the packaging to the point of connection. The plastic panel can be adjusted individually to different diameters.   
    61,- Euro
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    Wire roll mounting

    Standard rolls of wire can be attached directly to the assembly table to save space. Capacity to hold 1-2 rolls per bracket.
    74,- Euro
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    Roller conveyor

    For side attachment of assembled assembly plates in control box casings.
    510,- Euro
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    Locking Assembly (top)

    Extra clamping set with locking bolt for the top.  (2 units are included in the basic configuration)
    71,- Euro
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    Locking Assembly (bottom)

    Extra clamping set with locking bolt for underneath. (2 units are included in the basic configuration)
    51,- Euro
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    Spare battery

    Spare battery. (Shipps with one battery in basic configuration)
    225,- Euro
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*This offer is exclusive to industry, trade and retail and for freelancers. Delivery is free within Germany, except islands (see information).

MT1100-M2 Provessional

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